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Flight schedule

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Oran, the radiant


Oran is located on the edge of the South Shore of the Mediterranean basin, in the northwest of Algeria. The city offers an ideal point to admire the whole region offering a magnificent landscape: mountains, chalky hills, cliffs, deep canyons and riverbeds. Oran is also a city where culture has developed considerably. It is mainly the capital of Raï music mixing traditions and modernism which represents it throughout the world. Indeed, Oran is known to be the city where Rai music took root. Note the Raï festival which takes place every year during the month of August ... The walk in the city centre of Oran offers many curiosities, starting with the discovery of a remarkable historical heritage. The souks allow you to do some colourful shopping. A stroll along the seafront is essential: it was laid out on the model of the English walk in Nice! The city is also home to the largest concentration of military forts in all of Africa

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Language: Arabic

Time difference: -1h in summer

Currency: Algerian dinar

Flight duration: 1h35


Airlines :

ASL Airlines



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Ahmed Ben Bella, Es Senia, Oran


Phone: +213 41 59 10 77 lesaeroportsdoran.dz

Prepare your stay in Oran

Prepare your stay in Oran

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