Brest, the maritime, modern and dynamic metropolis!

Our favorites in Brest:

  • The castle of Brest
  • The National Maritime Museum
  • Islands in the Iroise Sea
  • Oceanopolis

Set sail for Brest and discover this authentic and friendly metropolis! Take advantage of your trip to explore Finistère and Brittany. Discovery of heritage, maritime traditions or outdoor activities, experience a stay that suits you.


  • Langue: French
  • Currency: Euro
  • Identity papers: ID card
  • Ideal: May to October
  • Favorable: November to April
Brest Airport
1 place du 19ème R.I - CS 63825 29238 Brest cedex 2
Phone: +33 (0)2 98 00 38 00

Move from the airport

Getting around from the airport

Shuttle bus

Line 20 resumes the connection to Brest Bretagne airport provided at Porte de Gouesnou.

Line 20 also serves the activity zones of Prat Pip and Saint-Thudon, it is connected to the tramay at Porte de Gouesnou, near the hotels.

The first departure of the day to the airport takes place at the station.

The price of the ticket is € 1.60. This allows you to travel for one hour on the entire Bibus network (shuttle, tram, bus).


The station is located on the forecourt, in front of the terminal.

Indicative prices: 1.80 € / km for the day price during the week and 2.60 € / km for the night price, Sundays and public holidays. Support: € 2.15.

Car rental

The major car rental companies are present at Brest Bretagne airport.

Their counters are in front of the baggage claim area, facing arrivals



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