Pets may travel on domestic and international flights, although conditions vary and depend on the airline.

When making your reservation, please inform the airline that your pet will be travelling with you. Confirm 72 hours prior to departure. Make sure you bring your pet’s up-to-date health records with you on the date of departure. Remember to check formalities for your place of destination (vaccines, tattoo identification, etc.). 

Conditions :

Conditions may vary from one airline to another. Please check with your airline prior to departure.

As a general rule, for a pet to travel in the passenger cabin:

  • it must weigh less than 4kg
  • its carrier must be no larger than 115 cm (L+W+H).
  • It will have to travel in the hold if it weighs more than 4 kg.

Don’t worry :

  • the hold is well ventilated, heated and pressurised
  • Your pet’s carrier is strapped down so it will not shift during the flight
  • Your airline can sell you a suitable travel carrier at the airport.

For greater security, indicate the following on your pet’s carrier: your pet’s name and tattoo identification number, your address, and your destination.


Fares :

Pets travel for the price of excess baggage. Guide dogs for passengers with sensory or physical disabilities travel free of charge in the passenger cabin with their owner; they must be muzzled.


Wild animals or protected species :

The transportation of wild animals and protected species is strictly regulated and subject to certain restrictions. Please contact your airline or the following ministries for more information:

Ministry of Agriculture

+33 (0)1 49 55 49 55


Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Employment

+33 (0)1 40 04 04 04


Ministry of the Environment

+33 (0)1 42 19 20 21